ACCUPHASE E-700 novo integrirano pojacalo u A klasi

Datum objave: 16/01/2024

Accuphase je upravo predstavio novi model integriranog pojacala u A klasi, zamjenu za odlazeci model E-650

Prodaje zapocinje u lipnju 2024.


  • “Power MOSFET” 4 parallel push-pull class A operation
  • Linear power 35W/8Ω, 70W/4Ω, 140W/2Ω
  • 1Ω load output 160W (music signal)
  • Integrated amplifier with “balanced configuration” from input to output
  • “Balanced AAVA” method volume control
  • High precision and high rigidity “volume sensor mechanism”
  • Power amplifier section of instrumentation amplifier configuration
  • High damping factor: 1000
  • Powerful power supply section with large, high-efficiency toroidal transformer and large-capacity filter capacitor
  • Equipped with slots for inserting two option boards
  • Play high-resolution sound sources from digital devices using the digital input board “DAC-60” (sold separately)
  • Play analog records with the analog disc input board “AD-60” (sold separately)
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