About us

Planet audio video d.o.o. is a specialized company offering absolutely ‘the best’ home stereo and home cinema devices in the world. The selection of the companies we represent is focused exclusively on the right values ​​in the category of ‘the best’ that the world has to offer. The offer contains the best devices in the class or are ‘best buy’ in terms of price / quality. Such models will retain their value even after years of use, and the longevity of companies will be a guarantee of long-term support and service.

Our offer should by no means be compared to mass-produced hifi devices. The devices from our offer are handmade by the best designers in the world, who have been perfecting their skills and knowledge for decades.

Thousands of working hours were spent on the development and testing of individual devices. The quality of sound and workmanship is incomparably better, and the reliability in work is exceptional. The exclusivity of such devices can be seen in the small drop in price, and after many years of use, so they represent a good investment. It is often the case that such special devices have completely kept the starting price.

The prices of the devices from our offer are the most competitive in Europe, contact us for the best possible offer at the moment.

We are ready to take your old device into account – in case of good preservation and a reasonable purchase price.


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Showroom address:

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