ASCENDO speakers from Germany presents a remarkable degree of stability of value. They are not subject to any sonic and optical mainstream, owing to the exclusive application of high quality components and materials. Their timelessly straightforward Bauhaus design is always up-to-date. Continuous research and development on the part of ASCENDO GmbH and its sister companies always make ASCENDO speakers belong into the technological top-class. Unaffected by fashions or trends of speaker tuning ASCENDO speakers always pursue one objective: best-possible authentic, natural reproduction. Pseudo-dynamics, -spatiality and -resolution as well as exaggerated gimmickry are alien to them. Therefore all ASCENDO speakers allow for extended, relaxed listening without fatigue, even at high dynamic and volume levels. Always up-to-date: our Update-Service enables you to upgrade your old ASCENDO speakers to the most recent version. Even 15-year-old System MS speakers of the first production series can be upgraded to the actual M5S, including all development stages. The same is true for almost all models of the System- Series.