When I design and develop, the key word is Simplicity. My roots in Denmark and Danish tradition for design, is recognized in my products. My fix points are: Design – sound and performance – technic, and user friendliness. My goal is- by thoroughly considered construction and solid materials, to avoid unintended resonances and to secure optimum stability. And to achieve an intense, natural, honest and life-like musical reproduction Simplicity yes- but often a simple design is far more challenging in construction. It is a must for me to combine simplicity and Danish design tradition with my air bearing philosophy and the right materials, to secure an extraordinary sound.
Every single part in the products are designed, developed and manufactured in the Bergmann workshop. Every single product is assembled and tested at Bergmann Audio`s workshop, before they are sent to our carefully selected distributors- and vendor network…Johnnie Bergmann
Advantage of using air bearings: The platter is centered by a steel spindle, running in a very friction less, low noise and hard wearing polymeric bearing material, and floats on a thin air cushion, which lower the mechanical bearing noise to an absolute minimum- if any. (A traditional bearing solution, which keep the platter centered AND support the platter weight, makes a higher level of mechanical bearing noise, as the contact point between spindle top and platter, generates a very high pressure – and hereby noise.) By floating on an air cushion, the platter also gains the advantage of a very best isolation from the surroundings, same way as the very expensive- air supported shelf’s, used in many highend audio systems.Also the speed stability benefit from the air supported platter.