Tommy Hørning is a real music lover and he loves life in music. He does not think the loudspeakers he knew were dynamic, natural, and open enough. Most high-end loudspeakers sound congested and heavy. The big problem is the slowness of the loudspeaker drivers and the use of extensive filtering with many components like coils, resistors and capacitors. Each extra component will unavoidably make loudspeaker drivers slower, heavier and less open in sound no matter how expensive the component is. An ordinary loudspeaker which has 1 watt with 87 to 89 dB efficiency is not fast and dynamic enough to be able to follow super dynamics leaps in the music. One solution is to build horn loudspeakers with front horns as well as big bass horns. Because of the typical horn coloring its directional sound will broaden the details resulting in a singer’s mouth sounding 1 meter wide.Tommy Hørning found a solution by applying a single full range to cover almost the entire sound spectrum. A full range driver, which is directly controlled without any form of filtering. Of course that can give spectacular results, but you can not expect really deep bass. Likewise the real top highs, after 10,000 Hz are rolled of and stay subdued behind the super nice middle area. Tommy subsequently designed a very special bass section which also has very high efficiency. The latest 2019 Eufrodite has become a system with 4 super strong N52 magnet in the woofers ending in a quarter wavelength pipe, and the result is excellent. Over 100 db one watt in a bass section is impossible running passive together with the midrange which is easier to get to go over this efficiency with the use of a compression driver and front horn. For high frequencies a special solution is employed over 10,000 Hz. This solution is derived from a spider less paper cone tweeter without the coloration from normally used dome tweeters.