CD / SACD player - Accuphase - DP – 570

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Newly designed next-generation SA-CD/CD drive combined with exquisite disc tray and ultra-quiet disc loading mechanism for silky smooth operation. Innovative MDS+ type D/A converter using four parallel DAC circuits ensures highly accurate D/A conversion of DSD and PCM signals. Separate configuration of transport and processor sections, each equipped with a set of HS-LINK, coaxial, optical, and USB (input only) connectors. USB connector provides support up to 384 kHz/32-bit and 11.2896 MHz/1-bit DSD.

Highly rigid and precise construction with newly developed SA-CD/CD drive and sturdy, heavyweight chassis to absorb external vibrations.

The SA-CD/CD drive employs a high-stiffness construction that not only minimizes vibrations from internal rotation but also absorbs any external vibrations, whether large or small. The mechanical base is fully integrated with the massive and highly rigid chassis.

Floating type traverse mechanism.

Mechanical isolation between the traverse mechanism and the loading mechanism is provided by newly developed silicone type viscous dampers whose shape and material composition have been carefully optimized. Four of these are used to realise a floating design.

Dramatically enhanced quietness of operation.

Even though they may appear flat to the unaided eye, media discs often have slight eccentricities in dimensions and weight, as well as warping. When spinning at high speed, this leads to various types of vibrations and wind noise. Based on thorough research into these issues, the DP-570 features a strengthened rotation system and effective vibration frequency control, along with further improved vibration insulation. To combat wind noise, a larger bridge enabling air flow control is used, along with various other technology-based measures that result in a significant improvement in quietness. Disc rotation noise is reduced to about one third as compared to earlier designs.

Direct Balanced Filter configuration for analog filter.

The analog filter designed to remove so-called aliasing noise in the very high frequency range employs 5-pole Butterworth analog filters with extremely flat frequency response in the passband. In order to prevent unwanted interaction, completely separate low-pass filters are provided for the line and balanced signal paths.

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