DAC digital converter - Accuphase - DG – 68

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In 1997, Accuphase introduced a product which revolutionized the concept of the graphic equalizer and made headlines in the audio world:
The DG-68 Digital Voicing Equalizer now raises the bar again. It is a 5th generation product that reflects the state of the art of advanced signal processing technology developed by Accuphase. Ease of operation has also been enhanced, with two “Simple Voicing” courses for automatic measurement and compensation, as well as a “Custom Voicing” course that gives users the power to realize a specific acoustic concept through extensive control over all aspects.
Most operations are controlled using the large, high-definition wide-format color LCD panel. This makes using the supplied stylus pen a pure joy, enabling the user to create any desired response simply by drawing on the screen. The DG-58 takes the concept of intelligent equalization to the next level, while at the same time remaining simple and intuitive to operate, thanks to its clean and uncluttered graphical interface.

  • Fully digital signal processing Voicing Equalizer
  • High-speed 40-bit floating point DSP
  • Separate digital filters for Voicing and Equalizer sections
  • Wide-format color LCD panel allows direct drawing of response curve with stylus pen
  • Freely programmable 30 pattern memory
  • Real-time spectrum analyzer for display of music signal and microphone input
  • Analog and digital inputs/outputs provided as standard

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