Integrated amplifier - Jadis - I – 70

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Jadis 2024 celebrating its 40th year, and if it makes something better than the I70 integrated amplifier to celebrate that anniversary, it’s going to be one of the best products on the planet because this tidy one-box, line-level 50W amplifier is already one of the best in the business!

The I70 follows a long-standing Jadis tradition of point-to-point circuits on the inside and a chrome-finish stainless steel chassis, with 24ct gold-plated brass fixtures and panels and deep crackle-black squared-off transformer cans on the outside. In less careful hands, this could add up to a whole lot of ‘bling’, but there’s something timeless and correct about the Jadis look. It’s not ‘understated’, but the I70 manages to look expensive without looking garish in the process. Jadis also often features some exposed parts, such as tall capacitors poking through the top of the chassis, but here it’s just a large heatsink.

 Jadis I-70 rocked up as the temperature started to rise, and I didn’t give a damn. The sound it makes is so beguiling, so enjoyable and so musically ‘right’ that I simply couldn’t help listen no matter what the ambient temperature. This is quite simply one of the best sounding amplifiers I have ever heard. – Alan Sircom HIFI+

Technical specifications

  • Type Integrated Amplifier with remote control
  • Inputs/outputs 5x stereo RCA, 1× bypass stereo RCA, 2× loudspeaker outputs
  • Tube/valve complement 2× ECC83, 3× ECC82, 4× KT170 (automatic bias)
  • Power Output 50W
  • Frequency Response 10Hz–36kHz
  • Sensitivity 150mV
  • Dimensions (W×D×H) 40 × 40 × 25.5cm
  • Weight 40kg

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