Loudspeaker - Davone - Moxie

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At first impressions the Moxie looks like a cute little loudspeaker. But the Moxie has earned it’s name. Moxie is synonymous with courage and you will understand when you hear it play. A full and articulate bass, open midrange and clear highs open the music and the Moxie makes it all seem effertless. And with the bass reflex port in the front the Moxie can be placed closer to the rear wall thus taking up little precious floor space. The stainless steel base completes the timeless look, making the Moxie a little gem to play tunes in your living room.


  • Frequency response



    4 ohm, 3.4 ohm minimum at 240Hz


    88 dB/2,83V/m

    Max power

    50 W (IEC 268-5)

    Mid woofer

    150mm, low distortion driver with a special fibre blend cone with optimal balance of stiffness, damping and density. Symmetric motor structure for optimal drive force symmetry. Designed in Denmark


    1″, Anodised aluminium dome, flow optimized vented pole piece with non-reflective chamber, saturation controlled motor system. Designed in Denmark

  • Cross over

    2.4kHz, 24dB/Oct Linkwitz Riley


    Bass reflex port in front

    Cabinet Construction

    The back panel is made from 7 layer beech wood form pressed veneer for increased stiffness and a unique appearance from all viewing angels. The form pressed baffle is made from 10 layers HDF


    8 kg / piece

    Height / Width / Depth

    80 / 24 / 23 cm


    4mm gold plated banana socket

    Current version


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