Loudspeaker - Ascendo - System M5-S SE

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Najbolji zvučnik ikad iz Ascendo tvrtke i jedan od najboljih u svijetu stigao je u Planet audio.

Authentic reproduction of music on the highest level possible. Time-coherent, and with fascinating resolution across the whole frequency range, our reference speaker is able to reproduce your favourite music almost as in a concert. Recording location, placement of the musicians, simply anything you feed into the System M5S is presented in a fascinating way. And that with any kind of music! Whether at moderate volume or at live-like volume levels, tonal balance and signal fidelity are kept intact across the whole audible range. Owing to its perfectly homogeneous sound radiation this exceptional speaker allows you to enjoy a fascinating musical experience from room sizes of 20 to up to 200 square meters.

The large magnetostat, comprehensively optimized in our Ansbach factory, is one of the best tweeters in the world. Thanks to its low crossover frequency it covers an extended and essential audible range. The synergy of all driver chassis is absolutely seamless. Thus even the most complex musical events are projected into the room in a singularly authentic and almost live-like way.

The patented ASCENDO technology SASB makes for an extremely agile and stable bass performance, which already at low listening levels fills the room realistically and powerfully, without exaggeration. The innovative VTA technology allows for a perfect and time-aligned link with your listening position. The result: speakers and technology vanish – you hear nothing but pure music.

Since 1999 the ASCENDO System MS has been rated as one of the best loudspeakers worldwide. As Bernd Theis wrote in Audiophile as early as 1999: “Currently the System MS is the benchmark for the sonically and technically feasible.“ From 1999 on the ASCENDO MS has been continually improved and
marketed in several MK versions.

The only alternative to ASCENDO´s System M5S: a live performance.

Numerous international awards and excellent test results worldwide underline the superior sound characteristics of System M5S.

  • Authentic, live-like music reproduction
  • Minutest musical resolution from the lowest octave upwards
  • Elaborate modular construction
  • Perfect decoupling from room
  • Amplifier- and room-adjustment to a defined degree
  • Selected and matched components of the highest quality
  • Real piano lacquer
  • Individual finishes, matching your home environment
  • Development and production in Ansbach, Germany
  • Comprehensive warranty – can vary depending on country.

System M5S offers a choice of various upgrade stages: from M5S with integrated TOS unit, to M5S+ with optimized crossover, and finally to the SE version or the custom-made Ultra-High-End solution with hard-wired crossovers and extreme internal wiring. Your competent ASCENDO dealer will be happy to provide you with detailed information.

You are a proud owner of an excellent, but somewhat dated, System MS and want to enjoy daily at your home the unique overall performance of the current M5S – make use of our Update-Service! A complete upgrade of your speaker is possible. More information is to be had at your authorized ASCENDO dealer´s.

three way SASB-technology (dynamic-current-damped woofer and semisymmetrical Bandpass)
• modular: discoupled mounting of speaker, variable time-alignment for listening positions between 50 and 190 cm over floor
• material: prass, stainless steel, low-resonance wood / bitumen sandwich housing
Dimensions (W/H/D)
• Loudspeaker: 40 / 148.5 / 45 cm
• Stand: 50 / 128.5 / 65 cm
• Both (M-S): 50 / 156 / 65 cm

System M-S: 120 kg
Power 600 Watt programm (min)
Impedance 8 Ohm
Sensivity 91 dB / 1W/m
• Speaker: ribbon-tweeter
• impedance adjustable for damping factor of p.a.
• outer chassis: 21 cm chassis, HPC diaphragm, phase plug
• inner chassis: 28 cm chassis, hexacone
• impedance adjustable for damping factor of p.a.

Single / Bi / Tri-Wiring
Finish piano-lacquer: black / white lacquer: all RAL-colors, veneer: possible
Also availible: System M-F2 (without stand)
Dimensions w/h/d:
40 / 121.5 / 45 cm).


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