M2TECH YOUNG mk4 – dac,preamp, headphone amplifier

Datum objave: 01/03/2022

The Young MkIV is much more than a simple update of the previous model. We thoroughly redesigned everything from the scratch, opting for a new, more advanced conversion IC from Asahi Kasei catalogue (the AK4497), adding an I2S input with PS Audio standard and extending MQA decoding to all inputs (except Bluetooth).

The Young MkIV is now capable of 768kHz PCM and 512x DSD.

We also added a headphones output on 6.35mm jack driven by a high quality dedicated class-AB amplifier by Texas Instruments.

Both single-ended and balanced outputs are now available without the need for any adaptor, and each output (SE, balanced and headphones) has its own independent volume setting.

We also added iOS connectivity for the control app, which is now available for both Android phones and iPhones.

Soundwise the increase is little short than huge: detail is increased without any listening fatigue, bass is now tighter, deeper and more articulate, overall the sound presentation is more authoritative and impressive. A very gentle treble, typical of Velvet Sound AKM devices, makes for a true analog-like feeling.

The Young MkIV can be used together with the Van Der Graaf MkII for an even better listening experience.

The Young MkIV gives you total control of the music flowing from your sources to the amplifier and then to the speakers.

With a wealth of input channels and extensive control options, you have always full command on your audio system, with the greatest confidence that the quality of the original music material is delivered to the speakers without any detriment.

Whether your source is a computer, a smartphone, a DVD player or a turntable, the Young MkIV delivers a crisp and alive analog sound at its outputs, to drive any amplifier at best.

You control it by the front panel encoder, using the remote control or by your Android smartphone via the same wireless connection which allows you to stream audio.

Streaming lovers will enjoy the high quality ensured by MQA©, while smartphone users will take advantage of aptX©.

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