Phono preamplifier - Dynavector - DV P-75 mk 3

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The P75 mk3  is a complete Phono solution in one compact unit. It is user adjustable and will handle virtually any type of cartridge on the market. The performance is noteworthy, with extreme RIAA accuracy, very low noise and outstanding dynamic range.

The P75 k3 incorporates a unique feature called “Phono Enhancer” (PE) which extracts the current signal, improve the magnetic field in the cartridge itself, which in turn provides an even more musical performance.

The P75’s mk3 sophisticated internal power supply runs from a low cost ac adaptor and generates the high voltage rails necessary for high quality sound. One other great benefit of the P75 is that with no mains frequency components, it solves the huge problem of hum that can plague phono systems.

Cartridge Type Input Sensitivity Gain Loading
Low output MC
Standard phono stage
0.2mV or 0.15mV 60 & 63dB 25, 30,100, 470 ohms
Low output MC
Phono Enhancer *
Zero ohms
High output MC
2.0mV 40dB 47k (47,000) ohms
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 133W x 83D x 44H mm
Weight 450g
* Input sensitivity and gain is determined mainly by the cartridge internal resistance.
Three resistance/gain adjustments available.

  • Low resistance coil — approx 4 – 10 ohms
  • Medium resistance coil — approx 10 – 20 ohms
  • High resistance coil — approx 25 – 50 ohms

The coil resistance is obtained from the cartridge manufacturer’s specifications. This resistance is the DC resistance of the coil, sometimes referred to as the impedance.It is not the cartridge loading resistance.

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