Phono preamplifier - THÖRESS - Phono Enhancer

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THÖRESS presents the Parametric Phono Equalizer Series. These exceptional tube phono enhancers allow on-the-fly selection of the entire range of phono equalization curves used by the prominent record labels throughout history. In addition, we have implemented subtle tone control facilities to compensate for sound degrading artifacts which may have been introduced during the recording or cutting process of a given record. The Enhancer’s unique tone control circuitry shapes the playback deemphasis curve itself, within wide limits, without the use of any clumsy conventional tone control circuitry. Bass, mid-bass and treble are independently variable by means of rotary knobs.

The Enhancer will allow you to hear much more deeply into the grooves of any kind of record than a common phono preamplifier restricted to RIAA deep emphasis, and optimum tonal balance and “good sound” may be restored even to poorly mastered or manufactured discs. It is well known that tone control is especially beneficial with the reproduction of early monophonic records. Interestingly, most (early) stereophonic records and even poorly produced modern records will benefit considerably from these features too. A more detailed description of the tone control facilities can be found in the manual. Tone control of the kind used in our Enhancers proves to have a much stronger impact in restoring a satisfactory overall tonal balance than simple adjustment of the phono deemphasis curve in accordance with the origin and vintage of the record. Purely active phono circuit, no built-in step-up transformers. Six inputs, customizable cartrige loading. Subtle tone control via on-the-fly deemphasis curve shaping. Our Parametric Phono Equalizer is available in 5 versions to suit all kinds of stereophonic and monophonic cartridges, with one version dedicated to single channel mono reproduction. This version is specifically designed to cover all possible de-emphasis curves associated with 78 rpm records, in addition to the tone control functions provided by the stereophonic versions. A detailed description of these versions and other useful information concerning cartridges and vinyl reproduction in general may be found in the manual. Thanks to an outstanding circuit topology, amplification of the phono signal is purely active without the aid of a step-up transformer on any input of any version. Nonetheless, the Enhancer offers an extraordinary signal-to-noise ratio, despite the built-in power transformer which is produced in-house to the highest possible standard. Even the slightest residual transformer vibrations are prevented from reaching sensitive parts of the amplifier due to the mechanical decoupling of the unit from the case. Importantly, the output resistance of the Enhancer is low enough to drive long interconnect cables and power amplifiers with input impedances as low as 10,000 ohms without compromising sound quality. Moreover, enough amplification is provided by the Enhancer to drive our F2A11 Integrated Amp directly (avoiding the need of additional line amplification) provided the speaker efficiency is sufficiently high, as is the case with both of our speaker models, and the cartridges used on any MC or MM level input will output not less than 0.35mV or 1mV respectively.

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