Power amplifier - Wavac - HE 805

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We are proud to present a modern masterpiece of electron tube power amplifier technology as our flagship product, the HE-805. Although it is one of the most powerful single-ended triode amplifiers in the world, the HE-805 embodies the remarkable musical characteristics of the superb low power SE amplifiers that have captivated the hearts of music listeners worldwide.

Our design goal for the HE-805 was to produce a world-class triode amplifier capable of driving moderately-efficient loudspeakers to their fullest potential and meeting the demanding power requirements of digital source material. The music lover is no longer forced to choose between beauty and high power. Now you can have real world power without making apologies for sound quality. The input tube is a Western Electric 437A offering an unmatched technical figure of merit, exceptionally low noise, and faultless reliability, but we use if because we are sure that your ears will appreciate the special quality the 437A brings to your music room or home theater.

The HE-805 uses the industrial-strength 805 transmitting triode with its characteristic plate cap and enormous graphite anode structure.
Although unfamiliar to most audiophiles, this classic tube in an old standby in high-power RF service. The 805 triode is extremely well made, highly dependable, and easily sourced. At 45 watts output under very conservative operating conditions in our IITC circuit, the 805 will provide long lasting trouble-free enjoyment.

Certainly, the brilliant white glow of the thoriated tungsten filaments inside this hearty transmitting tube provide an enchanting spectacle but we guarantee that you will be even more captivated by the dynamic and natural musical presentation of the HE-805 amplifier.

The novel IITC circuit utilizes the 805 transmitting tube to its ultimate
sonic potential.

-Direct coupled circuity eliminates coupling capacitors for outstanding
dynamic range and uncolored sound.

-The chassis is milled out of 60mm thick block of aerospace-grade
aluminum and finished in a lustrous champagne-gold.

-The specially-designed transformers used in WAVAC Audio Lab. amplifiers are
custom-wound to the highest standards by TANGO, the most
renowned transformer manufacturer in Japan.

-All tube sockets are machined out of solid Teflon stock and
assembled with heavy gold plated phosphor bronze contacts.
Elastomeric anti-vibration mounting arrangement is provide isolation
the tubes from environmental vibrations.

-Gold-plated speaker jacks which will accommodate heavy audiophile
speaker cabled are mounted on the top of the amplifier for easy

-Reduction of noise caused by electric power supply is reduced by
power line input filter.

-For cooling and protection of the components, the bottom plate of the
amplifier is perforated in a basket weave pattern. We chose a
traditional graphic design pattern from the ancient ages of Japan
called Ajiro-Kumi, to add aesthetic purpose.

-All elegant laboratory glass canopy is fitted to the chassis with
elastomeric supports for protection of the tubes.

-A highly-filtered DC filament supply reduces hum and noise.

-The input tube is the Western Electric 437A, an outstanding low-noise
triode designed in the 1950s for critical telecommunication

Power Tube 805
Effective Power output 45 watts per channel
Frequency range 20Hz-60KHz
Input sensitivity 1.7Vrms
Input impedance 100k ohms
S/N ratio 80dB
Power consumption 500 watts
Power supply 100,110,120,220,230,240
VAC 50-60Hz
(selected when shipped)
Load impedance 8(4/16) ohms
External dimensions 540Wx410Dx290H(mm)
Weight 60kg

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