Power amplifier - Jadis - JA 30 mk2

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Jadis je za 2015 predstavio potpuno obnovljen mk2 model svojih popularnih izlaznih pojačala, koje sada mogu biti opremljena sa novim i moćnim KT150 cijevima, no i svim ostalim kao EL34, 6550, KT88, KT90, KT120.
The Jadis JA30 is a pair of pure class “A” monoblock amplifiers. Its 30 watt push pull design accepts several types of power tubes without any bias adjustments. Each tube is protected by a fuse and is self-biasing even when tubes are replaced, no adjustments are necessary. Output tubes can be either 6550s or KT88s or KT90s and the amplifiers are designed to deliver full power at 15Hz, making for extraordinary bass. The cones under the JA30 amplifiers have now been replaced by Soundcare superspikes which actually look like regular feet. 

The Jadis JA30 produces the “air” of a live recording, which makes music very realistic to the ear and thus giving a very enjoyable music listening experience. Its sound is so close of a SET amplification design. The amplifier gives a warm and rich sound while retaining the right balance between musicality and transparency. It enhances the midrange and truly gives one of the sweetest sounds around.

Type Monoblock power amplifier pure class A
Bias Automatic
Power 45W Class-A
Bandwidth 20Hz to 46KHz
Sensibility 0.5V
Number of blocks 2
Tubes list 4 x KT150 – 2 x ECC83
Dimensions 46 X 21 X 21 cm EACH
Weight 22 Kg
Consumption 125 W

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