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Luxman releases stereo-power amplifier M-200 equipped with an amplification circuit of high-quality sound in a compact housing of the B4 documents size.
M-200 is high power amp of utility characteristics equipped with the compact design which is most suitable for high-performance audio system environment corresponding to the new source media including the PC audio system.
The high-grade volume and a pre-amp circuit are put on USB D/A converter DA-200 released as a combinatorial example, and can build the audio system that length and breadth inexhaustibly can control various music signals for all the digital / analog including the USB connection from PC/Mac by connection with M-200.
In addition, I can change it for the monaural recording amplifier constitution that is high quality / high power by making BTL mode and can utilize it as full-scale power amp doing addition (including the by amplifier connection to a speaker) to the pre-main amp which is pre-amp and pre-/ power separation.
The deployment (as for lights out, possible) does a possible digital power meter, and speaker impedance and a setting change of the hold time to follow a reproduction signal in real time in the indication department can have you enjoy music visually.
M-200 is not seized with form of the conventional audio system and is the new product of the Lux man feelings which suggests the free systems construction that I put together in a music audition form of the each user to various various places from an audio system beginner to a music lover as a high efficiency component in the new times to be able to enjoy.

Main characteristic
・ The power amp of 2 compact channel stereos of the size same as) such as 200 Luxman series (DA-200/P-200.
・ The 25W +25W output (8 Ω) that a combination is possible with high-performance bookshelf type speakers.
・ I adopt the discrete constitution with the high-performance part like the higher model (amplification circuit part).
・ The BTL mode which realizes the monaural amplifier constitution that is the high quality / high power that used M-200 two.
・ It is equipped with the large-capacity power transistor of the PC150W type to realize ability for high speaker drive by push-pull constitution.
・ The high inertia power supply which combined a large-capacity condenser (*2 5,200μF) with a power supply trans of the high regulation.
・ Adopt the Japanese inter-product made in Schottky barrier diode which a power supply rectifying circuit has few switching noises, and has high conversion efficiency to direct current.
・ It is equipped with the speaker relay of the low resistance level to support high driveability by parallel constitution of the LR independence.
・ I adopt the internal wiring of the round pattern wiring board of the Lux man tradition and the spiral lap shield, original custom parts abundantly.
・ Loopless chassis structure to shut out a rise of the ground impedance caused by the chassis electric current.
・ A balance input terminal corresponding to the balance signal transmission of high quality equipment (XLR type).
・ Unbalanced input terminal (RCA type) of the 18mm pace to support the high-quality sound cable which attached a large-sized plug.
・ Is easy to put on the very thick cable; the new development speaker terminal of the in-line (LR equivalence properties) layout corresponding to Y rag and the banana terminal.
・ A display (brightness adjustment, speaker impedance, hold time) which is many functions using 7 segment LED superior in visibility.
・ Other than direct input mode, the direct connection connection with the source apparatuses such as CD Players is equipped with possible barrier bulldog (volume adjustment possibility) input mode.
・ The balance input phase change switch deployment that is convenient at the time of the connection such as source apparatuses (a pre-amp and CD Player) made in foreign countries.
・ An AC inlet I can put on a desorption-type power supply cable, and to do.
・ It is attached in Luxman standard power supply cable JPA-10000 of the non-twist structure.

Rated Output 25W + 25W (8Ω) / Stereo, 35W + 35W (4Ω) / Stereo, 70W (8Ω) / BTL Monaural
Gain Stereo 23dB, BTL Monaural 29dB
Sensitivity 1.0V/25W (8Ω)
Impedance LINE 16kΩ, BAL.LINE 33kΩ
Frequency Response 20Hz〜20kHz (+0, -0.2dB), 10Hz〜100kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005% (1kHz/8Ω/25W), 0.06% (20Hz~20kHz/8Ω/12.5W)
S/N Ratio Line 107dB or over, Balance Line 102dB or over
Display Mode Stereo Power Display, BTL Monaural Power Display, Dimmer Adjustment (3 levels), Hold Time Setting (1, 3, 5 seconds), Speaker Impedance Setting (8, 6, 4Ω)
Output configuration bipolar push-pull
Power Transformer EI type 160VA
Damping Factor 100
Power Consumptions 85W, 32W (No input signal)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 364 x 81 x 297 (mm)
Weight 7.0kg

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