Power amplifier - Luxman - M-900u ultimate

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Luxman are introducing a new flagship stereo amplifier, with first 12 watts in pure Class A and 150 watts x 2 (8 ohms) or 600 x 1 watts (8 ohms) when used as a monoblock. 

The new ODNF 4.0 reduces high frequency distortion and delivers a smooth midrange, utterly grain free. ODNF 4.0 ahs acqAs a stereo amplifier, the M900u is stable into a 1 ohm load, where it delivers 1,200 watts, peak power.


The Luxman M-900U offers a powerful power supply with large capacity 20,000 μF × 4 block capacitors, OFC bus bar and direct hard wiring. The EI type transformer itself implements flat square shaped copper windings minimizing line capacity, enhancing binding force and providing excellent magnetic stability. Outputting an impressive 1,250 VA (instantaneous 2,500 VA), the M-900U has the power required to drive any speaker to peak performance.


The M-900U also utilizes 4 large capacity output relays offering an incredible damping factor of 710. To eliminate stray magnetic fields and associated impedance rises, Luxman developed a loop-less chassis eliminating the possibility of ground loops within the M-900U chassis. Cast iron legs act as a resonance sink and quickly drain vibrations found within the unit.


Luxman does not settle on ordinary components within its products. Rather, they design and build a large number of components found within the M-900U. Wiring, capacitors and even terminals are hand selected to meet the demanding standards at Luxman. Even the power cable was carefully designed. The JPS-15000 power cable utilizes the highest quality oxygen-free copper and take the last step in ensuring the purity of the sound.



Gold Plated, Peel Coat Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Boards normally have a green coat (dye) that can be printed upon, so the manufacturer knows where to place the copper traces and where to insert the resistors & capacitors. Luxman’s designers don’t like the sound of the green dye, in their extensive research they found that it smears the sound, so instead they print onto a plastic peel coat and remove it once the traces and mounting holes are in place. Then the copper traces are gold plated to reduce resistance across the circuit, as well as eliminate copper’s corrosion over time..

In the photo below you will notice that Peel Coat circuit boards are an off-white color, and that the traces are gold plated. It’s this fanatical attention to detail that delivers such superior sound quality.



 Custom large capacity 20,000 μF × 4 block capacitors


Rated output 150W + 150W (8Ω)/at stereo
300W + 300W (4Ω)/at stereo
600W (8Ω)/at monaural
Instantaneous max. output 1,200W + 1,200W (1Ω)/at stereo
2,400W (2Ω)/at monaural
Input sensitivity 1.24V/150W (8Ω)
GAIN 29.0dB
Input impedance Unbalanced 51kΩ
Balanced 28kΩ
Frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz (+0, -0.1dB)
1Hz to 130kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
Total harmonic distortion 0.003% or less (1kHz/8Ω)
0.04% or less (20Hz to 20kHz/8Ω)
S/N ratio (IHF-A) 117dB
Amplification feedback circuit LIFES 1.0
Output configuration 3 stage Darlington 4 paralleled push-pull
Damping factor 600

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