Power amplifier - Shindo Laboratory - Montille CV391

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Shindo Montille CV 391 uses one 6AW8A pentode-triode and one 12AT7 dual-triode per channel. Three-stage, push-pull amplifier, the Montille CV 391 has a power supply built with solid-state rather than tube rectifiers. But unlike the more expensive amp, the Montille forgoes Shindo Labs’ usual practice of using an internally mounted EY88 diode tube in line with the center tap of the B+ secondaries of the mains transformer in their solid-state-rectified amps, as a means of ramping up plate voltage after the tube heaters have been energized.

This hand-wired tube amp was as a slightly higher-powered and somewhat different-sounding alternative to the standard Shindo Montille, which in its first incarnation used two EL84 pentode tubes per channel, operated in push-pull, for a specified output of 15Wpc. The late Ken Shindo designed the output section of this newer Montille around push-pull pairs of British CV 391 tetrode tubes.

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