Preamplifier - Shindo Laboratory - Aurieges

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The Aurieges is the entry Shindo pre-amplifier. Shindo does not sacrifice at all when making lower cost products. The Aurieges features a outboard power supply and is tube rectified like all the upper model Shindo pre-amps. Features a moving magnet phono stage that works with any quality cartridge. Just like its bigger brothers, the Aurieges will transport you to the concert hall.

    Phono Input MM(RCA Pin Jack)

    Input sensitivity/Impedance:3mV/50KΩ

    CD, FM, AUX Input(RCA Pin Jack) Output(RCA Pin Jack)

    Phono Max. Input Voltage:1,000 mV

    Total Harmonic Distortion:0.04%

    Signal to Noise Ratio:120dB

    Frequency Response:10 – 50,000Hz

    Power Requirements:AC 220 – 240V

    Power Consumption:40W

    Dimensions:W 365 × H 80× D 265 mm.


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