Preamplifier - Accuphase - C – 2120

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The C-2120 is a successor to the model C-2110. It inherits advanced design technology from the C-2820 and C-2420 and features AAVA volume control with the same outstanding specifications and configuration but further augmented circuitry. Accuphase’s ground-breaking AAVA (Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) volume control has undergone further refinements, achieving a 30 % reduction in noise levels. AAVA is a new kind of volume control that assures excellent sonic operation principle of AAVA in C-2120 performance by integrating the amplification and volume control tasks and eliminating all mechanical contact points from the signal path. The C-2120 accepts the DAC-40 plug-in board which provides coaxial, optical and USB inputs with front panel digital display of the sampling frequency, as a phono board AD-30.

  • Revolutionary AAVA volume control
    • THD: 0.005% or less (20 – 20,000 Hz)
    • Frequency response: 3 Hz – 200 kHz +0, -3,0 dB
    • Rated input:  CD/LINE 252 mV
    • Rated output: 2,0 V
    • S/N ratio: CD/LINE 108 dB, DISC (MM) 82 dB, DISC (MC) 66 dB
  • Separate power transformers for left and right channels
  • Selectable preamp gain
  • Independent phase selection for each input position
  • Fully modular construction with individual left/right amplifier units    on motherboard
  • Logic-controlled relays for shortest signal paths
  • Tone controls designed for optimum sound quality
  • Option board slots provide versatility for handling digital input    signals or analog record playback
  • Loudness compensator
  • Recorder/copy switch
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Headphone jack
  • Supplied remote commander
  • Maximum dimensions: 465 (W) x 150 (H) x 405 (D) mm
  • Mass: 16,8 kg

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