Preamplifier - Shindo Laboratory - Giscours

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Describing how music sounds through the Giscours preamp transcends audiophile hyperbole, which is all too easily tossed around.

The Giscours is the model above the incredible Vosne-Romanée, itself an incredible preamp and etching it’s own place in historical products, for those in the know.

Massive output transformers, select components and specialized circuitry  – create the highly realized sound we have come to know from Shindo Labs.  Refined vinyl playback circuitry is maximized with the built in step up transformer (the best way to increase gain and sonics of moving coil cartridges.)

Giscours will be the centerpiece of your system for decades.

Phono Input – Switchable Phono Input MC(RCA Pin Jax)

Input sensitivity/Impedance:0.2mV/ 2Ω‐100Ω

Phono Input MM(RCA Pin Jax)Input sensitivity/Impedance:3mV/100KΩ

CD, FM, AUX, TV input(RCA Pin Jax)

Output(XLR Jack)

Impedance:8V/ 600Ω

Signal to Noise Ratio:120 dB

Frequency Response : 20 – 30,000 Hz

Power Requirements:AC 220V-230V 50/60Hz

Power consumption:50 W

Dimesions:W 400×H 165×D 270 mm


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