Preamplifier - Shindo Laboratory - Monbrison

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Monbrison is full function preamplifier with moving magnet and moving coil inputs. Moving coil gain is accomplished via amorphous core internal step up transformers. Like all Shindo pre-amplifiers the Monbrison uses vacuum tube power supply rectification. The Monbrison is just a stones throw from the flagship Shindo pre-amplifiers and an incredible value compared to the competition. Hand made, one at a time, with all point to point wiring. True high performance.

 Phono Input - Switchable. Phono MC ( RCA Pin Jack ) 
 Input Sensitivity/Impedance:0.2mV/2 -100Ω
 Phono MM ( RCA Pin Jack )
 Input Sensitivity/Impedance:3mV/47KΩ
 Output(RCA Pin Jack ) 
 Phono Max. Input Voltage:1,200mV
 Signal to Noise Ratio:119dB
 Frequency Response:20 - 20,000Hz
 Power Requirements:AC 220 - 240V
 Power consumption:80W
 Dimesions:W 350×H 120×D 310 mm
 Weight:7.5 Kg.

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