Preamplifier - Shindo Laboratory - Vosne Romanee

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The Shindo Vosne-Romanee preamplifier speaks to the world through a pair of such transformers (footnote 3) which surely take some of the blame for its motorbike-like price. Other such factors are the Vosne-Romanee’s custom-wound Lundahl moving-coil step-up transformers; its Telefunken EF800, Siemens C3m, General Electric 6072, and Philips 6189 and 6X4 vacuum tubes; its many vintage capacitors (Sprague Black Cats, Sprague Vitamin Qs, a pair of extremely large Sprague oil capacitors); and, of course, its gorgeous metalwork and fully hard-wired circuitry.

Its steel chassis—which, according to Shindo, sounds better than an aluminum chassis, with or without the industry-standard stupid-thick faceplate—is no simple box, but rather has a number of integral partitions for shielding and structural integrity. The steel top is fastened to the outer box and to each of those partitions, requiring a total of 26 machine bolts for one chassis surface—and all of the bolt openings are tapped with the appropriate threads. Unlike the products from some of perfectionist audio’s best-known makers of tube amps, Shindo’s enclosures can actually be put back together the same way they came apart.

 Phono Input‐Switchable Phono MC(RCA Pin Jack)
 Input Sensitivity/Impedance:0.2mV/2 - 100Ω
 Phono MM(RCA Pin Jack)Input Sensitivity/Impedance:3mV/100KΩ
 Output(XLR Jack) Impedance: 8V/600Ω
 Phono Max. Input Voltage:1,200 mV
 Total Harmonic Distortion:0.01%
 Signal to Noise Ratio:119 dB
 Frequency Responce:20 - 20,000 Hz
 Power Consumption:80W
 Power Requirements:AC 220V - 230V 50/60 Hz
 Dimensions:W 400×H 165×D 270 mm
 Weight:10.5 Kg. 

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