Turntable - Dynavector - DV 500

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!!! PRILIKA !!! Potpuno nov gramofon bez ručice u crnom finishu prodajemo za 14.900 kn. Gramofon je pogodan i za vrlo teške ručice kao Kuzma ili Dynavector 507.

The DV 500 turntable is a William Firebaugh (Well Tempered Lab) designed turntable to facilitate a high performance and stable platform for the Dynavector 507 Tonearm.

  • Dual layer acrylic / aluminium sandwich construction.
  • Servo Controlled motor with anti vibration mounting.
  • “ Zero tolerance” main bearing.
  • 0.004 inches Polyester thread belt.
  • Predrilled tonearm mounting plate for DV 507 tonearm.
Nominal speeds: 33/45 RPM
Wow & Flutter: 0.03% to 0.04% J.I.S.
Rumble: 50db compared to 100HZ tone recorded at a level of 1cm/sec.
Output: RCA L/R Pin
Power Supply: 9V DC 1.3A Centre pin positive
Dimensions: 650 x 600 x 400 18kg (shipping)

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