Turntable - Origin Live - Sovereign mk 4

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Superlative Style
Sovereign is a visually arresting turntable, beautifully hand finished with a polished black plinth and chrome suspension pods and accenting.

High Grade Parts
– High mass plinth using low resonance sandwich construction increases bass performance and overall definition
– Triple plinth decoupling helps isolate the deck from its surroundings
– Low resonance, high inertia platter is deeper than lower range models
– Platter decoupled from the bearing with an acoustically inert sub-platter
– Origin Live’s most highly toleranced bearing for the lowest possible friction
– Ultra rigid subchassis with unique centre point support and damping devices
– Specially damped, high mass motor housing
– Special high grade oil

Power supply
Sovereign’s load-compensating power supply is the culmination of work done over several decades, and is designed to feed clean power to the motor across a wide range of temperatures. It uses highly sophisticated circuitry, higher grade components and a top quality transformer. Speed control is switched electronically between 33 rpm and 45 rpm.

Setting up
Thanks to its unique design, there is nothing to go out-of-tune. A non-suspended design, it is simple to set up for years of fuss-free performance. VTA arm adjustment is convenient, with open access to the underside of the armboard.

450mm wide, 380mm deep, 160mm high


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