Gramofon - Bergmann - Galder

Galder je u ovome trenutku vjerojatno najbolji gramofon svijeta i zasigurno najkompleksniji takav uređaj. Na demu imamo top primjerak Galder sa najboljom zračnom Odin ručicom te dodatnim vakumom za potpuno poravnavanje gramofonske ploče sa tanjurom. Hrvatski audiofili među rijetkima u svijetu imaju mogućnost upoznati se sa ovim analognim dijamantom.

4-arm turntable, airbearing design
Galder is Bergmann`s answer to the most universal turntable design, new for 2017. Galder accept up to 4 tonearms. Radial- and linear tracking arms. Output for an air bearing tonearm.
Motor base separated from the plinth. Vacuum hold down, or clamp.

Galder. In the Nordic Mythology, Galder means to enchant. A craft consisting of magic songs and spells.
A master of practice Galder craft, was said to be able to raise storms, make distant ships sink, make swords blunt, make armour decide victory or defeat in battles. Odin, a master of magic, was a God with great abilities to “Galder”.

Airbearing design.
Vacuum hold down, or clamp.
Accapt up to 4 tonearms. All tonearm designs, radil – and linear tracking.
Output for an airbearing tonearm.

Black anodized die cast aluminium.

Aluminium platter floats on air. 3mm acrillic mat.
Centred by steel spindel/hardweared low friction polymer bearing.

Platter weight:
11.8 kg.

Adjustable feet. Aluminium/ceraball construction.

365 x 480 x 190mm (D x W x H)

Total weight:
38.0 kg.

Tacho motor with high precision feedback control system.
33 & 45

Silent, clean, dry and smooth airflow. Replaceable filter.
Easy accessible dust filter, for easy cleaning and replacement.

465 x 225 x 235mm. (D x W x H)

15.6 kg.