Gramofonska ručka - Origin Live - Onyx

Cijena:  590 €

Raspoloživost: upit

Onyx was designed as an affordable performance benchmark – a tonearm that would flatter any budget or mid-price turntable and still be happy on a high end deck. Sonically, it marks a significant step up from the Alliance tonearm – and indeed from most tonearms on sale. It comfortably outperforms the original Origin Live Silver MK1, which was thought to be one of the best arms on sale, by several hi-fi reviewers and one magazine editor. Indeed, it still outperforms many arms in the £3,000 ($4,600USD) region.

A well made, attractive and economic package, Onyx was only possible thanks to Origin Live’s decades of tonearm design expertise. It’s difficult to design a great high end arm, but harder still to do a brilliant budget product. Knowing where to spend the money in the overall design is why Onyx sounds so good, and that knowledge doesn’t come easy.

The Onyx design philosophy – and many parts – come from the legendary Silver tonearm:

• Single-piece arm tube made from high-grade aircraft alloy

• Robust, highly specified bearings, housed in an advanced decoupled yoke

• High grade Internal Litz wiring with standard external cable and RCA plugs

• Integral VTA adjustment

• Fits all Rega armboard cutouts – old style threaded base or new 3-point mounting

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