Integrirano pojačalo - THÖRESS - F2A-11

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Our Integrated Amplifier offers the music lover…

the possibility to build a purist setup consisting solely of a CD player, the amplifier, and a pair of highly efficient loudspeakers. Of course, the amplifier may also be combined with a preamplifier, or a standalone phono stage, in which case a high-gain unit is strongly advised.

The amplifier employs NOS Siemens F2A11 beam power tetrodes, made famous by the Klangfilm cinema amplifiers of post-war Germany. It is entirely hand-built and hard-wired, whereby every detail of the internal construction has been carefully considered for reliability
and ease of service.

The amplifier provides three inputs for line-level program sources, selected by means of a rotary switch located on the rear panel of the amplifier. The volume of each channel is adjusted separately from the top of the amplifier via carefully matched high-grade rotary potentiometers. Although reasonably priced, this amplifier shares the non-compromise approach of the larger THÖRESS mono power amplifiers. The mains transformer and output transformers are wound in-house to ensure the highest quality and reliability. The output transformers feature tape-wound cut cores (C-cores) and allow for precise matching
of a 4, 8 or 16 ohm load to the power tube by way of jumpers soldered to the secondary terminals. The mains transformer is mounted to the amplifier case by means of rubber dampers to prevent residual vibration of the power transformer from entering
sensitive parts of the amplifier. The sound of the THÖRESS F2A11 amplifier is powerful, warm, clear and natural, and will easily measure up to the expectations of even the most
critical and experienced music enthusiast. It is truly unique in its class and can
be outperformed only by the larger THÖRESS monoblock amplifiers.

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