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After launch of the original “ATM-1” in 1986 and “ATM-1s” in 2006, the EL-34 push-pull amplifier” has been updated for the first time in 18 years as “ATM-1 (2024 edition)”.

While following the orthodox yet sophisticated design of the original model and the concept of “a tool for listening to music”, we selected the best parts currently available and designed an amplifier that allows the EL-34 to provide more stable performance. Authentically designed to bring out the best of EL-34 The circuit configuration is a typical Leak-Mullard type. We choose to use UL connection from the balance between quality and output prospective to draw stably outputs of 35W+35W. We focused on authenticity over novelty, balance over uniqueness, and focused on bringing out the wonderful characteristics of the EL-34.

The output transformer and choke coil are made by reliable Tamura. The bias circuit has a fixed bias, and a custom-made precision vertical edgewise meter has been adopted for ease of adjustment and ease of viewing and matching. The input terminal is a single RCA system. The terminal can be changed to XLR Unbalanced Input (2nd pin HOT) by request. Speaker Terminals are sent to 4Ω/8Ω. The terminal can also be changed to have 16ohm by request.

All components are carefully selected through sound checking, and carefully mounted and wired on pure copper sub-chassis by our experienced amp craftsmen. Traditional AirTigth Chassis design The appearance of “ATM-1 2024 edition” resembles the original ATM-1 design, but we have made modern updates and paid attention to every details throughout.

The main chassis construction combines strength and acoustic benefits. The exterior has been designed to prevent screw heads exposure, and a thick aluminum front panel is mounted as the face of the amplifier. The bottom plate is made of bright copper plated steel. The amplifier is made to compact in size to appeal the slim modern EL-34 shape while feeling sense of weight and has a dignified sharpness, inheriting the “AitTightness” that has existed since the company’s founding.

Valves employed:
6CA7 × 4, 12AU7 × 2, 12AX7 × 1
Rated output:
36W + 36W (8 ohms)
Input sensitivity:
Input impedance:
input selector (2-ch), bias adjuster
368(W) × 293(D) × 231(H)mm

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