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Shindo Cortese F2a is modestly powered, its build quality is in tune with its luxury-goods price tag, and its styling is the very soul of mature understatement. The late Ken Shindo, who founded Shindo Laboratory in 1977 (footnote 1), was also known for his distinctive model designations—some are the names of rare wines, some are musical terms, at least one is a woman’s name—which he recycled from time to time. Thus Haut-Brion has been both a KT88-powered monoblock and a 6L6-powered stereo amp, Petrus has been both a two-box and a single-box preamplifier, and so forth. But as far as I know, Cortese has always been a stereo, single-ended amplifier priced near the budget end of the Shindo line.

The Cortese is known by most Shindo enthusiasts as a single-ended amplifier that uses one F2a power tetrode per side, offering about 10Wpc. (Indeed, if you do a search on the F2a tube, which is relatively unknown among audiophiles, photos of the Cortese will be among your first hits.) Throughout most of that time, the amp’s small-signal tube of choice has been the 6AW8A triode-pentode.

 Effective output power:10W in class A
 Input (RCA Pin Jack ) Input sensitivity/Impedance:0.5V/250KΩ
 Signal to Noise Ratio:90dB
 Frequency Response:20 - 20000Hz
 Power Consumption:80W
 Power Requirements:AC 220V-230V
 Dimensions:W 350 × H 175 × D 255 mm
 Tube complement:2 × SiemensF2a

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