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Compact power / integrated amplifier in B4 size(364X257mm)

The breath of music fills the space
The real pleasure of quality audio is its ability to unleash the energy of the sound you may hear in a concert hall or live venue into the home listening environment.That deep musical experience and impression evoke interest and drive the inquiring mind, almost to obsession.The M-200 is a stereo power amplifier which condenses LUXMAN’s commitment to circuit and function into a B4 sized compact chassis.When the breath of a performance fills up a space when reproduced through loudspeakers, you will discover the unknown side of that music.

A compact and powerful body

The M-200 has the same B4 footprint as LUXMAN’s USB/DA convertor, the DA-250. It is quality stereo power amplifier with sufficient output power at 25 watts per channel (8Ω).It can be used as part of a desktop system, connected to a PC, or in a traditional audio set up.

BTL Monaural output mode

In BTL mode, the M-200 can combine it’s output power to act as a 70 watt (8Ω) monaural amplifier to drive lower impedance speakers or large diameter floor standing speakers.Also, the listener can enjoy high quality bi-amp reproduction when the M-200 is used in conjunction with a suitable preamp or pre-main amp.

Variable input mode

The variable input mode feature of the M-200 enables the listener to bypass the volume control. This direct input mode without preamp functions is useful for source devices such as a USB/DAC convertor or CD player with it’s own adjustable volume control.

Power supply stability

A highly stable power supply provides instantaneous power from a highly regulated power transformer and 2 large capacity condensers. The rectifier circuit features Schottky barrier diodes made by Nihon Inter, with high DC voltage conversion efficiency, which reduce switching noise.The high quality power supply enables the M-200 to achieve powerful musical expression and spacious sound reproduction.

Balanced inputs with phase inversion switch

The M-200 is equipped with balanced XLR inputs which enable high quality balanced signal transmission, excellent performance and resistance to noise.There is also a phase inversion switch which is convenient when connecting other equipment with different wiring specifications.

LED power meter

The front panel features two multifunctional display windows with 7-segment LEDs for excellent visibility.There is a 3 stage brightness & on/off control.The displays act as power meters and also show adjustments to hold time and speaker impedance settings and respond to playback signals.

Rated Output 25W + 25W (8Ω) / Stereo, 35W + 35W (4Ω) / Stereo, 70W (8Ω) / BTL Monaural
Gain Stereo 23dB, BTL Monaural 29dB
Sensitivity 1.0V/25W (8Ω)
Impedance LINE 16kΩ, BAL.LINE 33kΩ
Frequency Response 20Hz〜20kHz (+0, -0.2dB), 10Hz〜100kHz (+0, -3.0dB)
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.005% (1kHz/8Ω/25W), 0.06% (20Hz~20kHz/8Ω/12.5W)
S/N Ratio Line 107dB or over, Balance Line 102dB or over
Display Mode Stereo Power Display, BTL Monaural Power Display, Dimmer Adjustment (3 levels), Hold Time Setting (1, 3, 5 seconds), Speaker Impedance Setting (8, 6, 4Ω)
Output configuration bipolar push-pull
Power Transformer EI type 160VA
Damping Factor 100
Power Consumptions 85W, 32W (No input signal)
Dimensions (W x H x D) 364 x 81 x 297 (mm)
Weight 7.0kg

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