Kharma - Exquisite P 1000

New materials and new techniques gave us the wings to further approach reality as the absolute reference in the Kharma Exquisite Collection. Even more so since the Exquisite loudspeaker collection is complemented with the Exquisite preamplifiers and mono power amplifiers, which are characterized by their meticulous handling of technological aspects and the astonishing design. The cabinet is a piece of art in itself shown by the beautifully aluminium casing with wooden parts.

The Kharma Exquisite P1000 Series are state of the art solid-state preamps with a zero compromise approach. Its design features techniques rival even the most sophisticated high-end tube and solid state amplifier designs. We have gone where no solid state design has gone before. This is, among other things, illustrated by the pure silver wired power transformers in the AC power circuit, that lift the level of sound purification to incredible heights. As a result the deep level of blackness, the unequivocal palpability of its sound space, the colourful textures of its music dynamics and the absolutely phenomenal feeling of presence have to be heard and experienced to be believed.

The Exquisite P1000 Series consists of the Exquisite Reference Preamplifier and the Exquisite Signature Preamplifier, where the Signature version has some extra special features. Read more about the Signature version under options

Type: EXQ-P1000-R / EXQ-P1000-S
System: Fully discrete solid state class A preamplifier
Power: 60 Watt maximum
Frequency range: 10 Hz – 200 kHz +/- 0.2 dB
Gain: 18 dB
Input sensitivity at max power: 2.4 V
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD): < 0.004
SNR: > 90 dB
Input impedance: 50k Ohm