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The Jadis JP-15 stereo preamplifier makes a perfect and homogenous couple with the monoblock Jadis JA-15 amplifiers. Its design is in the pure Jadis’ tradition. With a simple diagram this preamplifier will really breathe life into your music. The JP15 delivers a wonderful sound, dynamic with a deep and wide soundstage. Homogeneous on the whole music spectrum, it will deliver any parts of the harmonics with a constant fluidity with a disconcerting ease. “Elegant” is the word that fits the best this jadis.

ype Stereo line preamplifier
Gain 23 dB
Input type 6 line, 2 monitoring outputs
Bandwidth 15Hz – 100 kHz @-3dB
Sensibility 150mV
Number of blocks 1
Tubes list 1 x ECC82, 1 x ECC83
Dimensions 44 x 29 x 12.5 cm
Weight 15 Kg
Consumption 20 W

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