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The sober and elegant Jadis JPL preamplifier, its protective grill and the height of the face plate masking its component parts, never fails to arouse people’s curiosity through its discreet appearance. This preamplifier is made up of three 12AX7 double triodes. The gain, of about 25 dB, is supplied by the first two tubes mounted in series. The last tube is used as a cathode follower, which allows the use of a long cable without the disadvantage of a drop in the treble. The quality of the Jadis JPL comes from a highly selective and careful choice of passive components, and of the extremely precise manual production of Jadis circuits. Jadis products tend to be well known for the speed in comparison to other tube amplifier brands. They sound faster and yet retain their sweetness and warmth of a tube sound.

Gain: 25dB

Number and type of inputs: 6 line inputs, 1 output, asymmetric monitoring

Bandwidth-3dB: 20Hz – 70 kHz

Number of Blocks: 1 chassis

Tube List: 1 X ECC82, ECC83 x 3

Dimensions: 430 x 345 x 175 mm

Weight: 10 Kg

Power consumption: 25 W

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