Strujni filter - Audience - aR-6 / aR-6 TSS

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The Adept Response 15AMP is capable of delivering 1800 watts of power
continuously and at least twice that for short periods. The Adept Response
20AMP is capable of delivering 2,400 watts of power continuously and at least
twice that for short periods.
Each outlet is individually filtered with a double filtering action between any
two outlets giving superior isolation between powered components.
The filtering arrangement is such that outlets which are closer to the power
entry point utilize lower frequency filtering and are intended for power
The filtering of the middle outlets is targeted toward the middle frequencies is
intended for use with components like preamplifiers, equalizers, active
crossovers and tape decks.
The outlets farthest from the power entry are filtered for digital components
such as CD/DVD players, A/D converters, media servers, etc.
The on/off switch is also a high quality magnetic circuit breaker with very low
DC resistance.
The Adept Response provides state of the art power delivery capabilities due
to its extremely low DC and line frequency resistance.
Over voltage protection is provided by a non wearing device that can survive
20,000 amp discharges. It is not a wearing, sacrificial device as are typically used
MOV’s. This device is across the line and won’t dump excessive current into the
safety ground.
The casework is sufficiently heavy to survive being dropped from a shelf with
out causing a failure of the circuitry.

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