Zvučnička kutija - Avantgarde Acoustic - Zero XD TA – djelomično aktivni

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Avantgarde TA odličan su izbor za ljubitelje rafiniranih pojačala male snage, koja predivno zvuče ali uvijek imaju jednu veliku manu…nedostatak snage za bilo kakvo glasnije slušanje i moćan bas. Zero TA riješavaju postojeći problem. Vaše pojačalo tjerat će visokotonski i srednjetonski drajver, dok će se za moćan i dubok bas pobrinuti bas pojačalo ugrađeno u Zero TA zvučnike. Pomoću ugrađenog DSP modula, bas odziv prilagoditi akustici svake sobe. Od sada slušajte stadionski rock and roll malim tranzistorskim ili cijevnim pojačalima. Jedan od najzanimljivijih zvučnika uopće.


The ZERO – TEIL AKTIV is the logical consequence of the ZERO product line. It combines the body structure of the ZERO with the 25 years Avantgarde know-how in semi active speaker design. Basically it is scaled down version of the UNO in the significantly smaller enclosure of the ZERO. The objective was to accomplish the clarity and power of its “bigger“ brother in a significantly reduced enclosure. The 400mm spherical mid-range horn covers a wide bandwidth down to 300 hz. The active subwoofer supplements the balance between spherical horn performance and low frequency reproduction. It is actuated by one 12 inch long–excursion driver powered by a 500 Watt amplifier. All horn drivers are equipped with 8 ohm voice coils with 104 dB system sensitivity. This is 32 x times the dynamic range of a conventional 87 dB box speaker. Using Avantgarde Acoustic´s™ CDC–technology, we precisely align the frequency response, sensitivity of the driver, the geometry of the membrane and the air chamber at the horn throat to the response curve of the spherical mid-range horn. This way the mid-range driver has no passive filter components in the signal path – routing the music signal directly to the voice coil of the driver engine. Less components, less interactions, less friction ensuring more detail. Frequency control in the low frequencies is managed by an advanced digital sound processor. The digitally controlled frequency crossover ensure a seamless integration of the bass response to the spherical horns. The DSP is equipped with 10 parametric equalizers to fine control the sound to the customers taste and to the acoustics of the room.


Subwoofer frequency response 18 – 250 Hz
Midrange horn frequency response 250 – 2.000 Hz
Tweeter horn frequency response 2.000 – 20.000 Hz
Horn sensitivity > 104 dB
Nominale Impedance 8 ohms

Horn type Spherical horn
Midrange horn diameter 400 mm
Tweeter horn diameter 130 mm
Midrange horn length 190 mm
Tweeter horn length 77 mm
Bass driver diameter 300 mm
Midrange driver diameter 125 mm
Tweeter driver diameter 25 mm

Amplifier Output power (RMS) 500 watts
Total harmonic distortions 0,05%
Signal to Noise ratio 120 dB (A)


Colors White and black
Width x height x depth (cabinet) 490 x 1040 x 318 mm
Weight 39 kg/each

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