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It has long been our wish to have a smaller loudspeaker than the Aristoteles ellipse in the horning loudspeaker range. Several prototypes were made and turned down. It’s very, very hard to find a smaller speaker which can play all kinds of music with good results. 

My answer is the Zeus ellipse DX45. It is not as small as could be called a bookshelf kind of loudspeaker. It is however the smallest floor standing loudspeaker we could accept to faithfully follow high fidelity regarding all kinds of music. 

The Zeus loudspeaker consists of formidable high quality drive units which are all based on paper membranes. This is the oldest way of making membranes and for me still not surpassed by any other kind of material whether it it be called diamond, beryllium, plastic or any other materials. 

 We at horning want to hear the the most faithful reproduction of musical instruments. 

 The paper cones all have as low dynamic mass as possible in order to achieve seamless reproduction from the lowest octaves to the highest. 

The goal is to have a high stop and start movement of the membrane and at the same time controlling all unwanted resonances. The better you have a combination of the three drivers with the same acceleration and start stop the more the speaker reacts as one membrane.

One single drive unit covering the whole would be a dream but in reality this is not possible, the drive unit would be to heavy to perform high quality high frequency response. The same membrane would be too light to cover the low octaves, so I made the best compromise with having the best drive, three units with speed as close to each other.

Zeus consists of two 6.5 inch high neodymium magnetic powered woofers with a light mass of 15 grams, 1.7 inch high Tesla midrange driver with a dynamic mass of 5 grams and a spider less cone tweeter with 0.2 grams dynamic mass. 

Driver Units:
Two 6.5 inch high neodymium magnetic powered woofers
One tweeter driver covering between 200 – 12000 [Hz] One mid-range driver 

Acoustical filters at 200 [Hz] and 12000 [Hz], one capacitor for tweeter above 12000 [Hz].

4 [Ω]

Frequency spectrum:
35 – 20000 [Hz]  ±3 [dB]

95 [dB] (1 [W])

Amplifier power
10 to 20 [W] (above 20 watt  keep the sound level under 115 [dB])

Cabinet principle:
Horn loudspeaker

Hight: 95 [cm] Width: 26 [cm] Depth: 30 [cm]

25 [kg]

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