Zvučnički kabl - Luxman - JPS – 15000 ULTIMATE

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Luxman, famous for their extensive line of top-rated audiophile components catering to discerning music lovers, introduces their latest reference-class audiophile interconnect and speaker cables. The new 15000 Series builds upon the already well-established 10000 Series of audiophile cables and incorporates the latest in reference-grade materials and proprietary design elements. The LUXMAN 15000 series speaker cable features large diameter core utilizing high-purity 7N CLASS D.U.C.C. (99.99998%+ pure copper* ) to ensure lower impedance. Each JPS-15000 conductor is comprised of 60 strands of 7N Class D.U.C.C and 40 strands of Oxygen-free copper (OFC). This structure ensures crystal-clear, pure, relaxed high range characteristics and accurate, rich bass characteristics.The non-twisted structure of binding hot and cold lines in parallel eliminates unwanted inductance. JPS-15000 features newly developed, easy to mount, high quality Y-lug terminals constructed of high conductivity materials. A newly developed adjustable branch holder with integral aluminum cover allows the length from the terminal to the holder to be easily adjusted without compromising the structural performance or appearance.

Structure Non-twisted construction
Core wire High-purity copper (7N CLASS D.U.C.C.)wire
Φ0.26mm x 60pcs,
Oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire, Φ0.26mm x 40pcs
Insulator / Sheath Polyethylene (red, primary color)/PVC(blue)
Drain wire Oxygen-free copper (OFC) wire, Φ0.08mm x 30pcs
Conductor resistance 4mΩ/m or less (at 20°C)
Insulation resistance 5000MΩ/m or more (at 20°C)
Capacitance 86pF/m or less
Withstand voltage 1,000VAC (for 1 minute)
Cable outside diameter 10.5mm x 20mm

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