Strujni filter - Accuphase - PS – 1250

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A source of clean energy

El Accuphase PS-1250 is a power conditioner that excels at providing a power source with minimal noise and distortion. This is achieved through innovative waveforming technology that compares the power supply waveform to a reference waveform, then supplements any insufficiencies and eliminates any excessive warping. This means your audio equipment will receive the cleanest, high-quality power possible, ensuring optimal performance.


  • Innovative waveforming technology for minimal noise and distortion.
  • It acts as an extremely clean energy source.
  • It has a low distortion reference wave generator.
  • Includes highly effective wave compensation.
  • Outstanding current capacity.
  • Excellent interference rejection.
  • Main function is AC voltage stabilization.
  • Improves power supply quality through precise analog signal processing.
  • Color liquid crystal display for easy viewing.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Low level of total harmonic distortion.
  • Equipped with an internal symmetrical power amplifier similar to stereo power amplifiers Accuphase.
  • Generates a very clean power supply through three stages of noise elimination.

Stabilization voltage

The PS-1250 acts as an AC voltage stabilizer, meaning it can maintain a constant voltage even when the power supply fluctuates. This is especially useful for sensitive audio equipment that requires a constant power supply to function optimally.

Current capacity outstanding

In addition to providing a clean and stable power source, the PS-1250 is also notable for its outstanding current capacity. This means it can easily handle the power demand of multiple high-end audio devices at the same time, without compromising the quality of the power supplied.

Rejection of interferences

The PS-1250 also has excellent interference rejection capabilities. This means it can effectively eliminate any interference that could affect the quality of the power supplied, ensuring your audio equipment always receives the best possible power.

Constant improvement of sound quality

By providing a clean and stable power source, the PS-1250 can significantly improve the sound quality of your audio equipment. This is because the quality of the power supplied can directly affect the quality of sound produced by audio equipment. With the PS-1250, you can be sure that you will always get the best possible sound from your audio equipment.


Specification Detail
Device Type power conditioner
Technology used wave shaping
Principal function AC voltage stabilization
Screen liquid crystal color
Reference signal generator I need
Energy consumption Bass
Total Harmonic Distortion Low
Internal features Power amplifier, 48,000μF capacitor, High efficiency troid transformer
Output characteristics Output stage with 20 bi-polar transistors in parallel
Waveform display function With color liquid crystal display
Guaranteed total harmonic distortion 0,08%
Maximum output capacity 900 VA (continuous)
Rated output voltage AC 120V ±1.5V
Maximum output capacity A 7.5
Maximum dimensions Width: 465 mm, Height: 243 mm, Depth: 499 mm
Weight : 42.1 kg

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