Preamplifier - Accuphase - C – 2900

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Referentni model je dio kolekcije za proslavu 50 godina osnutka tvrtke Accuphase, stigao u Planet, isporuka odmah.

Accuphase pretpojačalo C-2900 najviših je zvučnih dometa. Za njega je razvijen interni gramofonski modul ultimativne kvalitete AD-2900. Želite li ultimativno pretpojačalo sa integriranom gramofonskom sekcijom najviše klase, izuzetan je izbor.

C-2900 preamp generation defined by the harmony of craftsmanship and technology. The revolutionary AAVA (Accuphase Analog Vari-gain Amplifier) principle which enables optimal volume adjustment has been further refined, for ultra-low noise and utterly quiet operation, combined with perfect operation feel. Experience the ultimate in volume control performance and comfort from a component that is in a class of its own. Sophisticated technology and optimized construction using only carefully selected top-notch parts and materials provide effortless operation stability, with ample performance leeway that is the secret behind ultimate reliability. Each single C-2900 is lovingly built by highly experienced crafts persons skilled in the art. The result is a product destined to transport the listener into the enchanting realm of high-end audio.

  • AAVA volume control for high performance and outstanding sound
  • Separate high-efficiency toroidal power transformers for left and right channels
  • Selectable preamp gain
  • Fully modular construction with separate left/right units for each amplifier stage
  • Logic-controlled relays for shortest signal paths
  • Independent phase selection for each input position
  • Printed circuit boards made from glass cloth fluorocarbon resin
  • Optional playback capability for analog records
  • Massive wood cabinet with natural grain finish
THD 0.0005% ili manje (20 – 20,000 Hz)
Frekfentni raspon: 3 Hz – 200 kHz +0, –3.0 dB
Deklarirani ulaz: DISC (MC) 0.25 mV/0.1 mV, DISC (MM) 8 mV/4mV,CD/LINE 252 mV
Deklarirani izlaz: 2.0 V
Odnos signal/šum: CD/LINE 111 dB, DISC (MM) 94 dB/85 dB, DISC (MC) 87 dB/73 dB
Maksimalne dimenzije: 477 x 156 x 412 mm
Masa: 24.5 kg

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